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06/14/11 02:46 PM #1    

Sheila Pray (Peterson)

It was great to see you also and meet your husband. It sure brought back memories. I would have known you anywhere. I still can't believe you had 5 kids! My E-mail is I hope you had a great trip home. Keep in touch!


08/09/16 01:39 PM #2    

Arthur Longwith

In tribute to Mr. Paris York.  The year was 1969. A Band Director with a vision to bring a new element to the Band. To turn a bunch of knuckleheads (as he used to call us)  into better musicians.  Just marching from school to the practice field was a challenge. Most of us were barely awake, the girls hair in curlers,etc. dodging the traffic. It wasn't long before the cops had closed off Lynn Lane for us. Mr. York was slowly transforming a new sound and vision for us. Remember winning best overall band, Downtown at the Christmas Parade? No band from BA had done that before. That was just the beginning. As a bunch of knuckleheads, we were willing to believe in Mr. York's work ethic, and we were having a little bit of fun also. Now, Paris was a character as you remember, everytime you would mess up, he would call you "Pudley, or Squidley what did you do that for?  Winning city, state and regional competions followed. The Pride of Broken Arrow was formed. A town of 7,000 people were now behind us, waiting to see what was coming next. I believe that  music comes from the soul and heart, with a meaning. People could relate to the music we played. Marching, Concert or Jazz  they now were in line to hear it. The door was left open for the next group, and how they have succeeded.  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!. Finist Band in the Land. Many bands now , call themselves "The Pride", and  have tried to duplicate what we have done, but we know there is only one.  Thank You, Mr. Paris York. May you Rest in Peace

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